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A Dream At Dawn
I was speeding down a country road driving an old Dodge Dart fleeing an approaching tidal wave.  The road led to an enormous white dam where National Guard troops were directing refugees.  They told me to follow the road around the dam and down into the valley below.  As I drove alongside of the dam, I thought, "I don’t need this car anymore" and abandoned it continuing on foot.

In the valley below the dam there was a small town and I knocked on the door of a house.  Dominique (my late wife) was living there with her mother and father.  She was the same age as when we had met in real life and I was my current age.  In the dream her mother and father were short warm-hearted Mexicans (in real life her mother was Mexican and her father French/Welch).  Dominique greeted me and invited me into the kitchen.  As we entered I noticed a niche in the kitchen wall with a statue of the Virgin Mary.  A man walked up the garden path and entered through the open kitchen door.  He was a Priest and a Mexican as well.  Swinging the bottom half of the kitchen Dutch door into the kitchen he removed a sash from his shoulders and placed it on the shelf like bottom half of the door creating an alter.  Then he performed our wedding ceremony.  The wedding feast was ready in the next room and we began:  eating, dancing, and singing, just the 5 of us.  Suddenly there was a deafening roar as the dam burst from the tidal wave and everything was engulfed in darkness.

The dream continued two years later.  I had survived but knew nothing of what had happened to anyone else.  I was driving a yellow Ryder rental van as it was moving day for me.  As I drove down a residential street in another small town I was amazed to see Dominique walking down the sidewalk.  I pulled over and asked how she was doing.  She looked up, puzzled, and after a moment recognized me.   She said that she was moving but had no way of moving her things.  I said, "I have plenty of room in this van, I'll help you move".

Her house was across the street, and I drove the van up it's front steps and through the front door into the living room (dreams are sometimes like cartoons).  Nothing was packed or organized so we just grabbed all of her things and threw them into the back of the van piecemeal.  As we were loading I looked out of a window and saw a man walking alongside of the house.  I somehow knew that he and Dominique had been living together for the past year but by his demeanor I could see that it was over.  After the van was packed, we parked it on the street and she said "why don’t we spend the night in my VW bus"?

Her VW bus had a second story added to it.  We entered the bus and climbed stairs to the second floor.  It was a room surrounded by windows with padded seats.  I was struck by the feeling of the space, It had Dominique’s feeling:  wide, warm, and loving.  In the center was a double bed.  We lay down in the bed and as we hugged we were like one being.  We rolled apart and she was suddenly totally naked with skin like polished silver.  In astonishment I began touching her skin from her feet to her breasts.  It felt like flesh, yet looked like silver.  As I reached her face the dream suddenly ended.

I was wide awake and sitting up in my own bed.  In the predawn light I saw my right hand stretched out before me grasping the hilt of a silver sword.  As I stared at the sword in amazement it vaporized, the vapor winding toward me and entering my chest.













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